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Your heritage matters to us

We bring a biracial lens to event planning: the desire to be seen and have a sense of belonging.


We achieve this in events by incorporating even the minutest details to the event’s skeleton to celebrate the you-est you. Whether you're first generation American or 10th or hail from another land altogether, everyone has heritage unique to them.


Our ethos is built on cherishing the traditions of old and rejuvenating them for today.

Mexico Destination

In addition to individually honoring the cultures of our clients, we also offer approachable destination weddings in Sarah's hometown of Zihuatanejo, Mexico.


This one of a kind offering blooms from existing connections in the region. We bring clients peace of mind in a unique twist on planning a destination wedding.

We are just as ready to make your Mexican destination wedding as magical as if we were here in PNW.

Escondite Beach Club - Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Cultural Wedding Traditions

“SE ME ERIZA LA PIEL [my skin bristles/chills] - when I see it all come together it’s MAGIC”- Sarah


We value spending time wisely.


We cultivate our time, we share it with those that find value in it, and we are protective of it as well.

SGS Events brings an organic mindset of balance to weddings which are inherently controlled environments.


Are we smashing glassware? Lighting candles? Borrowed and blue things? Jumping the broom?

Tell us what of your cultural traditions resonate with you and we will seamlessly incorporate them into your big day.

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