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Wedding Planner (noun):
advocate, buffer, conduit, sidekick

Wedding planners bring the skeleton of a wedding to the table, allowing you to focus on showcasing your love instead of reinventing the skeleton from scratch. You focus on giving your guests a glimpse into what makes your home and love fundamentally unique.

A letter from SGS Founder, Sarah:


When you can enjoy producing/directing events, and do it with creative vendors that you admire and respect, to make a living by “making memories” and capturing it with others: that is the dream. 

​It really feels like a superpower when I am able to become  the conduit between vendors and clients.

Facilitating the best possible event for ALL involved.


  • I use transparency as a needed buffer to facilitate open communication in potentially high emotion situations.

  • I believe in creating awareness for what it takes to put on an event. 


This advocacy brings more appreciation for the industry and the people involved who create the space where the guests and clients can go to that mindset of having a great time without a care in the world.


Because of the years of work and dedication across the multiple areas in the  service industry. I feel confident and backed by a beautiful group of creatives.  #communityovercompetition


 I have been planning events since 2013 but it wasn’t until my own wedding in 2021 that I knew I wanted to specialize in and dedicate myself to being a WEDDING PLANNER.

After my own wedding it just enhanced my attention to detail and desire to facilitate MAKING MEMORIES. 


To ensure the time is lived to the fullest is my intention and goal.

The day goes by too fast not to have someone dedicated to YOU experiencing every memory! 


I can observe a room and closely dissect what’s about to happen:


The lights somehow perfectly dim as the beat catches up to the part of the song where your love story began

YOUR First Dance.

YOU are living in the moment.


 I know when we made the moment happen: You enjoy while we oversee that the memory comes full circle. 


Orchestrating memories is what chose me to become a wedding planner. 

No one else may know or see what it took to time that First Dance to perfection.

But I know.  Magic was being made!

It will be my pleasure create + collaborate. So you can celebrate your special day with ease!

Break the norms without worrying about the mundane

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